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Choosing Mediation Over Court Battles In Divorce

Mediation is a way for a couple to amicably discuss and resolve the issues involved in their divorce. This is a common approach in filing for divorce, particularly if the spouses have mutual respect and plan to actively co-parent.

Attorneys Nora Rotella and Patricia Hernandez have each helped countless clients go through the divorce process and address other family law concerns, assisting clients in determining their priorities, fighting for what’s fair and protecting the well-being of their children. Mediation’s flexibility offers countless benefits.

The Mediation Process

The mediation process in Florida is a collaborative alternative to court litigation for resolving disputes, including those that often surface during divorce. It involves a neutral third party, the mediator, who facilitates communication between parties to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. The process is confidential and voluntary.

During mediation, each party presents their side, and the mediator helps negotiate terms, such as asset division, child custody, and support. If the couple reaches an agreement, it’s drafted into a settlement document and submitted to the court for approval. Mediation can be court ordered or chosen voluntarily by the parties involved.

How Mediation Can Benefit You In A Divorce

Mediation can also reduce stress and offer more privacy than court proceedings. In addition, it can provide several additional benefits, including: 
  • The saving of time and money: Court cases can take a long time and be very expensive. Mediation is usually quicker and more affordable. This means that you can move on with your life sooner without spending a fortune on court fees for a long, drawn-out battle.
  • Control over your choices: In court, a judge makes the final decisions. With mediation, you and your spouse have control over the outcome. You can work out solutions that fit your unique situation rather than having a one-size-fits-all ruling imposed on you.
    Privacy: Court proceedings are public, so anyone can find out about the details of your divorce. Mediation is private, keeping your personal matters out of the public eye.

Mediation gives the parties more control over the final agreement and can help maintain a better relationship post-divorce, which is particularly beneficial if children are involved.

Finding Closure

If you’re planning to divorce in Miami, consider mediation with the assistance of our lawyers to help you and your spouse find a peaceful resolution. They will work to support your needs and goals, offering creative solutions to issues on which there is more disagreement between the two sides.

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