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A Decade of Community Empowerment Celebrating Rotella & Hernandez

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2023 | Firm News

The firm of Rotella & Hernandez was started by two enterprising women who were determined to find success in a male-dominated field. After discovering a shared vision of making a positive impact, Nora Rotella and Patricia Hernandez embarked on a remarkable journey that would lead to the celebration of the firm’s 10th anniversary. As we commemorate a decade of growth, we would also like to thank our community for helping us grow this thriving legal practice.

Our Promising Start

Nora and Patricia met during law school in 2008. The pair bonded over their shared “go-getter” attitudes and desire to help others. In the early stages, they never imagined that they would open a firm, but the fusion of work ethic and commitment to ethical practices solidified their partnership. With milestones like law school, bar exam preparations, and legal victories underscoring their journey, the firm naturally blossomed.

The initial years posed many challenges. The legal world is a male-dominated industry, and when Nora and Patricia got their start, only about 30% of attorneys were women and only 3.5% of all attorneys were of Latin-American descent. From their humble beginnings, Rotella & Hernandez emerged as a beacon of excellence, paving the way for more Latin-American professionals.

A Journey Rooted in Dreams

Both Nora and Patricia personify the American Dream. As a first-generation American and formerly undocumented immigrant respectively, they understood the importance of assisting others in securing legal status in the United States. The immigrant community is especially vulnerable to exploitation, which fueled their passion for their work, leaving no stone unturned to support their hard-working clients.

For Patricia, the challenges she and her family faced as undocumented immigrants in a new country having to learn a new language and working full time while attending college and law school, shaped her view of how important it is to work hard and provide support to those who need it most. Patricia feels most accomplished when she’s able to tell clients: “Congratulations, we won your case!” because she has helped change someone’s life forever.

As a first-generation American from Cuban immigrant parents, Nora has taken inspiration from her family’s story, which shaped the way she practices law and fights for a more just society. Her unique perspective on the struggles of the immigrant community gave her the realization that everyone deserves the best representation and affordable legal services. Needless to say, Nora works tirelessly to win cases and improve people’s lives during their most challenging times.

Attorneys For The Community

As a 100% women-led firm, Rotella & Hernandez is defined not only by its success in the courtroom, but by the deep sense of community it fosters. Women everywhere have the power to do anything, and Nora and Patricia use their strength to create lasting positive change. Their success resonates as a testament to the impact that passion, partnership, and perseverance has on the world.

As Rotella & Hernandez commemorates a decade of growth, we honor the journey that began with two determined women and their shared vision. From the challenges of a male-dominated field to the triumphs of justice for the vulnerable, Nora and Patricia’s unwavering commitment has shaped a thriving legacy. As always, our firm is here to fight for your rights and best interests. If you have questions or need guidance regarding immigration or family law, reach out by calling 305-596-3618 today!