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5 Tips for Acing Your USCIS In-Person Interview

| Nov 1, 2021 | Immigration Law

For immigrants, few things are as nerve-wracking as a naturalization interview and a marriage interview (when applying for a green card), which are typically held in-person at USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) field offices.

The USCIS in-person interview is the result of months, sometimes years, of waiting. You’ve submitted many documents and provided countless pieces of evidence to support your case. It’s completely natural to feel the pressure of the interview, but you will be in good hands with Rotella & Hernandez and the five tips provided below.

  • Have your attorney by your side when answering the USCIS representative’s questions.

You are allowed to have your attorney present at the interview. Your attorney is not generally allowed to speak for you, but he or she can ensure your rights are protected. If you are called for your interview before your attorney arrives, politely and firmly request that you wait until your attorney is able to accompany you.

  • Dress professionally.

The USCIS interviewer will judge you on almost every aspect of your presentation. That begins with the way you are dressed. The USCIS interview is not the right place for shorts, flip-flops, or T-shirts. Your attorney will recommend specific attire, but be prepared to wear your nicest suit.

  • Tell your attorney everything.

It’s best to hire an attorney as early in the immigration process as possible. So, your attorney should, ideally, know everything about you and your case well before the USCIS interview. Just in case this extremely important detail slips through the cracks, though, you should tell your attorney about any arrests. Many immigrants mistakenly believe that the USCIS only cares about criminal convictions, but that is not true. Help your attorney help YOU by disclosing your entire criminal history.

  • Be prepared for intimate questions.

The USCIS representative is only concerned about the truth. In a USCIS interview for a marriage green card, the representative will ask questions to make sure your marriage is bona fide and not fraudulent. He or she will ask how and when you met your spouse, details about the wedding, and your day-to-day lives. The bottom line? Be prepared for anything.

  • Be honest.

This piece of advice cannot be stressed enough. Your case could be headed for failure if you do not give the USCIS representative straightforward, honest answers. Even honest answers that sound evasive can be harmful to your case. If you genuinely do not know the answer to a question, do not guess or lie. Simply say, “I don’t recall.” However, thorough preparation can prevent you from appearing evasive in your answer to an important question.

A bonus piece of advice is to retain a knowledgeable and experienced immigration attorney as soon as you are able. The USCIS interview requires a lot of preparation and work. A trustworthy attorney can help get your case over the finish line and help you realize the future you deserve.

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