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Lost Your Job? Dealing with Alimony and Child Support Obligations During the Pandemic

| Aug 10, 2020 | Firm News

Over the last several months, millions of people across the United States have lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Losing your job, and the loss of financial stability that comes with this, can have a huge impact on your ability to make court-ordered alimony and/or child support payments. Your ability to pay can also be deeply impacted by reduced hours or lowered wages.

With the stress this pandemic has added to all of our daily lives, and the efforts we must now make to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy, no one needs the added burden of impossible payment obligations on their plates. How can you deal with this predicament? Is there a way to reduce your payments to reflect your current financial situation while still, hopefully, providing support to help ensure your child or ex’s needs are met?

In Florida, involuntarily losing some or all of your income is considered a valid reason to reduce child support or alimony payments. However, you will continue to be responsible for paying the regular amount unless or until you get a court order to reduce it or suspend it. In other words, you have to take action. This won’t resolve on its own.

Currently, Florida courtrooms are physically closed to the public.  However, the court is still holding hearings using online technology to host remote hearings. There is no need to wait to file to modify your child support and/or alimony obligation.

It is best to work with an experienced family law attorney to draft your petition for modification. At Rotella & Hernandez, we have the knowledge and experience to help you craft a request for modification that includes all the relevant information about your situation. A well-crafted petition will increase your chances that the request to modify your support obligation will be granted.

Don’t delay! If you’re struggling to make your payments, time is of the essence. The Rotella & Hernandez team will work with you to move quickly in the right direction. If you’re ready to get started or if you have questions about the best way to proceed, we encourage you to contact us today.