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An Introduction to Crimmigration

| Feb 18, 2020 | Immigration Law

You may have noticed that you’re hearing the buzzword “crimmigration” more and more lately. But what does this word really mean? In today’s blog post, we’ll explain some of the background of this word, and what it means for immigrants today. Let’s get started.

The crim- prefix in crimmigration comes from the word “criminal.” It is combined with the word “immigration” to represent the combining of the criminal law world and the immigration law world. This mashup word was first used by a legal scholar named Julie Stumpf in 2006, but it refers to the way that, since the 1980s, laws have been changing and developing in a way that makes it harder and harder for immigrants who have been accused of crimes to seek justice and maintain their immigration status.

Even relatively minor criminal charges can have major repercussions for immigrants. Whether you’re an undocumented alien or a lawful permanent resident, even a misdemeanor criminal charge could result in deportation.

Why does it matter? Well, for one thing, the Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that at least half of all those arrested by federal law enforcement are accused of immigration-related crimes. This means that tens of thousands (between 80,000 and 90,000 in 2012) of people in the United States are dealing with the intersection of criminal law and immigration law. These individuals have to navigate this often extremely confusing world of crimmigration.

So what does crimmigration mean for you?

If you’re an immigrant and you’ve been accused of a crime (whether that crime is related to your immigration status or not), you need an attorney who is not only well-versed in criminal defense, but also in immigration law and the way the two interconnect. At Rotella & Hernandez, we have extensive experience guiding and representing clients in crimmigration matters. We are ready to partner with clients who are facing issues that pull them in both directions.

If you are facing a crimmigration issue, contact the Rotella & Hernandez team. We are eager to partner with you, and to use our knowledge and skill to your benefit in your crimmigration case. You can reach us by calling 305-596-3618 or by emailing [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your unique case.